in the beginning.

Maybe this is normal. Maybe this is not normal. But lately, every day almost, I have had a tickle in the back of my soul that rings like the Santa Claus costume clad… Continue reading

the Kenyan sky.

I tumbled in love with the Kenyan sky. Painted with swift brushstrokes and circular sponges soaked in bright whites and faded grays dampened onto pale blue skies. From the top of the hill,… Continue reading


“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for circumstances… Continue reading

Jambo, Nairobi!

On my last trip outside of the Daraja bubble, Leah and I made the Laikipia County rounds, venturing into the most rural areas as the greater Rumeruti area to visit junior Irene’s home,… Continue reading

Transportation Guide for Kenya: Sand Truck, Boda Boda & Cab

Part II of the transportation guide! Sand trucks I treasure adventure days with Carson. The guy is this awesome, free spirit who is simultaneously all-knowing and born last night. Carson and I decided… Continue reading

banda life

Forget decorating your perfect apartment. That’s out the window. I’m in Africa, so I can’t breeze through my local Anthropologie to pick out perfectly mismatched plates, randomly sized and designed cups, and the… Continue reading

Transportation Guide for Kenya: the Matatu Experience

The modes of transportation in Kenya have been some wild experiences. Because the San Francisco Bay Area has bridges as barriers, most of my getting around was by way of my car (oh,… Continue reading

Field Trip! {An Adventure to the Mpala Research Center & Wildlife Foundation}

I stood, huddled with ten Daraja girls, waiting for a matatu to arrive. TDI, the original Landrover, grazed just outside of her parking space. The back door open.  I shot an amused look… Continue reading


My interactions with the girls are everything. Lilian, a junior, braids my hair. We sit in the dormitory common area, me on a pillow on the floor, her leaning over me at whatever… Continue reading

I am Daraja.

Have you ever been to the beach that had a rip tide warning sign? Don’t swim in the ocean, because at any point, a sudden change in current could pull you out to… Continue reading